Teaching Self-Defense Techniques Influenced by Martial Arts

Using our knowledge of several martial arts, we can help you acquire the skills, techniques, and confidence you need to get through rough situations. We do this by providing you with a course on self-defense.

Our Influences

This martial art is known for attacks that are often too fast for the opponent to see through its subtle, explosive, and short-range moves. Your opponent’s reactions can then give you the opportunity for your next strike.

This style is also based on technique, instead of the pattern of movements like the Japanese karate. It relies on a hand technique system and incorporates kicks below the waist whenever necessary.

Through a self-defense class influenced by Kenpo, you can learn how you can defend yourself against different types of attack, including:

  • Two-Handed Push or Choke
  • Rear Grab
  • Straight Punch
  • Roundhouse Kick

Krav Maga is a martial art developed to handle real-life combat situations. It utilizes kicks, strikes, grappling, and other techniques aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body, including the groin. Taking a self-defense course influenced by Krav Maga will equip you with the techniques to protect yourself from attackers bearing a gun, knife, club, and more.

Tai Chi is often seen as gentle because of its slow movements. However, this martial art has “harder” sub-styles and variations, which can be used for self-defense.

Wing Chun, which features strikes, grappling, and weapons training, was originally developed for smaller women to defend themselves against larger men. The specialty of this martial art is close combat. It focuses on sensitivity training and teaches you to feel the changes of energy and motion in your attacker’s limb, allowing you to respond more instinctively.

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